Intimate Weddings

We love planning every detail of every wedding, right from the start, down till the end with no filters in between. We go either be crazy enough to build a castle or bespoke enough to have you dine in a Luxurious Buffet. Intimate Weddings is a Collection of our Recent Wedding Stories that were truly, a Fairytale.

Omkar + Smriti

Planning a Wedding amidst the forest, was always a dream to our planners, but what we did for Smriti & Omkar, was something  even we couldn't believe in. We created a forest like ambience in the monsoon season, inside a lush green venue, with Wild Flowers, Candles and other Natural props. 

Its never an easy task to plan a wedding for a fellow Event Manager. When it came to Akshay & Jeetal, Jeetal had seen almost everything in the wedding industry over the  years and planning something unique was a big task at hand. We went from  building a 300 feet Ramp to the Vidhi Mantap to building a Stage over the Fountain for the Varmala Ceremony. We filled 98 rooms with baskets, all custom made to our Itineraries, that were just another piece of work

Akshay + Jeetal

Siddharth + Shridevi

Siddhart & Shridevi, #sidkishri is how we called it, was a Logistical Extravaganza that came our way. From Managing travel Itinerary of over 300 guests who flew in for various Time Zones to giving our exclusive Hassle Free Check-In at the Venue, was what kept our team motivated at all times. We build a Palace, no kidding, we did. A palace from the ground up with a Royal entrance walkways, Royal Guards & Court Ministers, our Palace of love was extravagant

Vinay & Apoorva were our NRI couple that planned their entire wedding with us in a span of 30 days. We loved their choice of Elegance, Minimal & Floral personality. It was fun for the entire team to play floral and still keep everything Minimal. Bringing out the colour of every fabric in sunlight was still a nice task at hand to our designers.

Vinay + Apoorva